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HIGH PRIESTESS is a psychedelic doom trio from Los Angeles convoking crushing riffs drenched with lush harmonies and hypnotic eastern themes. Formed in 2016 by Mariana Fiel on bass and vocals, she recruited Katie Gilchrest on guitar and vocals and Megan Mullins on drums through an online ad. Since then, they have created a sound that echoes both past and future incarnations of doom and psychedelia.


HIGH PRIESTESS’ 2018 eponymous debut on Ripple Music quickly turned heads in the heavy music underground, leading to tours in the US and Europe. Their sophomore full-length “Casting the Circle,” releasing in April 2020, seasons the psych-doom cauldron with keyboards, tribal percussion, signature harmonies and grandiose prog rock arrangements, all while pushing the boundaries of just how “heavy” heavy music can be. 


Tours, both domestic and abroad, will find HIGH PRIESTESS embarking on their mission to spread the wicked gospel of thick, mossy fuzz and rhapsodic melody. Basically, wherever this band can go, they will go. Prepare to worship at their altar.

The Doom Charts debuted their demo at #7 for August 2017, ahead of such genre stalwarts as Monolord, Elder and Sasquatch:


"High Priestess deliver diverse, heavy and exotic riffscapes interwoven with soaring, dreamy vocals (and the odd growl here and there).  This debut release is entitled ‘DEMO’ but it sounds massive, seamlessly blending a swirling cauldron of doom, stoner, psych, and even heavy groove blues (have a listen to the dense groove in ‘Take the Blame’)."



Brazilian webzine, The Source, included High Priestess on their “Best New Bands You Should Be Listening To” list. 


Desert Psychlist made an exception in this case:

“Desert Psychlist is not in the habit of reviewing demos but there are occasions when a band release a demo so damn good that it would be a disservice to both music fans and the band not to give 'em a well-deserved plug, as is the case with High Priestess's aptly titled "Demo".



Katie Gilchrest  

guitar / vocals

Mariana Fiel      

 bass / vocals

Megan Mullins  



#heavypsych #doom

Los Angeles, CA

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