High Priestess @ OC DOOMFEST 4/20/18

"Orange County Doom Fest" 2018 Friday 4/20, and Saturday 4/21 at The World Famous Doll Hut in Anaheim Ca. Heavy bands, heavy music, and heavy smoke. Food provided Tits N Tacos. More bands than your ears can possibly take. Riffs And Spliffs!

High Priestess performs 4/20. $10 each day at the door / 21+ / 420 friendly Sponsored by: Doomed & Stoned, Ripple Music, Black Bow Records, Pabst Blue Ribbon , and Heavy Hand Media


|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Friday 4/20/2018 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Yidhra https://yidhra.bandcamp.com/ High Priestess https://highpriestessmusic.bandcamp.com/ IRONAUT https://ironautmusic.bandcamp.com/ Goliathan https://goliathan.bandcamp.com/ Dowager https://dowager666.bandcamp.com/ Solar Haze https://solarhazeband.bandcamp.com/

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Saturday 4/21/2018 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Sixes https://sixesdoom.bandcamp.com/ mammoth thunderpower https://mammoththunderpower.bandcamp.com/ O Zorn https://ozorn.bandcamp.com/releases Mortar https://mortar.bandcamp.com/ The Black Sound https://theblacksound.bandcamp.com/releases Garbeast https://www.facebook.com/garbeast/ https://garbeast.bandcamp.com/ Diclonius: Noise-Doom https://diclonius.bandcamp.com/

#ocdoomfestdollhutdoomgigshighpriestess #doom #gigs #highpriestess #festival #heavypsych #fuzz

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